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Krigger Water Ballast Rollers

   Krigger 3-Gang Water Ballast Rollers

These well-designed Water Ballast Rollers are not only effective at leveling new turf or smoothing athletic fields after the freeze-thaw cycle of most winters, but they are also RUGGED! Whether they are used for new golf course or athletic field construction or as part of a regular turf maintenance program these rollers will do the job for you.

Developed to be the most cost effective "turf friendly" rollers on the market.

  • ● Made of 7-gauge steel plate, 36" wide rolled to 30" diameter with center baffle plate to reduce over-turning on steep grades
  • ● 3-gang roller covering a rolling width of 8' 4" and a variable weight from 1360 lbs. empty to 5000 lbs. filled (rollers can be towed in-line for tight area transport or heavy rolling)
  • ● Dished ends help to prevent turf damage on turns.
  • ● Rollers can be arranged in a triangular pattern to cover an 8'4" swath, or tow them in-line through narrow areas or for concentrated weight.
  • ● Now with greasable pillow block bearings for smoother towing. NEW FEATURE!
  • ● Each roller now includes 2 fill plugs - 2" dia for quicker fill and opposite 1" dia for quicker drain time. NEW FEATURE!

Payment terms are pre-payment by check. Production time is typically 6 to 8 weeks, dependent on supply chain availability at the time of order.

  • Orders may be placed by sending us an email
    • OR
    • By registering on our on-line eStore eCommerce solution and placing your order on the eStore.
    • Mail your check or money order to:
    • Krigger & Company, Inc.
    • 3133 Henrich Farm Ln
    • Allison Park, PA 15101
  • Pricing and terms:
    • Set of 3 rollers with frames    $9,875.00   plus shipping charges.
    • Rollers will be shipped freight collect or you may pre-pay and take advantage of our freight discount.
    • Shipping weight: 1,625 pounds, freight class: 70, nmfc: 849000
    • International customers will need to arrange their own overseas shipping.
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