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All types of aerators (including spikers) for landscape, large area, and fine turf applications including similar equipment that removes cores, slices, and shatters soil to create better air and water movement in soil.
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 Landscape  *  Golf Greens & Tees  *  Athletic Fields or Fairways & Rough  *  Deep Tine Aeration Accessories & Specialty
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Landscape Aerators   (back to top)

3-Point Mounted Landscape Aerators

Ryan Lawnaire 48" 3-point Aerator

Ryan® 3-Pt Lawnaire Aerator


RYAN® brand is a proven leader

  • ● Commercial-grade construction.
  • ● Simple operation.
  • ● More productivity.
  • ● 36" or 48" working width.
  • (Specifications)

Greens, Tees, and Approaches   (back to top)

Redexim Carrier with Verti-Drain 1513 self-propelled aerator Verti-Drain® Carrier with Verti-Drain 1513 Deep Tine Aerator
● Productivity with 50" width and 6" depth
● Break through your black layer
● Large variety of solid and coring tines available
● Plenty of power from 31hp Vanguard® Commercial engine
● Multiple attachments (Seeders, Verticutters, and more)

Jacobsen GA-24


The GA-24 by Jacobsen® is a popular choice for aerating superior turf on greens. This self-propelled aerator's unparalleled hole quality promotes faster turf healing and allows play to resume earlier. The unit's maneuverability allows for tight turns on undulated turf without causing undue damage.

  • ● Self-Propelled Power That's Quiet - 9 hp ( 6.7 kW) Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™ engine
  • ● Reliability for the Long Haul - Peerless® transaxle with reverse allows easier maneuvering for storage and reduced number of wear parts.
  • ● SureTrac 4WD parallel-cross-series system automatically transfers power where needed to provide superior traction for hill climbing and side slope operation.
  • ● Precise Aeration Anytime, Anywhere - Four tine sizes for proper core aeration anytime under varying soil conditions; Creates 2" x 2" aeration pattern.
  • ● Optional Quad Tine Holders allow for 1 x 1 in. pattern.
  • ● Ease of Operation and Safety - Centralized controls at operator station; Automatic parking brake; Operator presence control.
  • ● Turf-Friendly Aerator - Light-weight self-propelled model features ribbed tires
GA-24 Data Sheet

Athletic Fields or Fairways and Rough   (back to top)

 Ryan Tracaire RYAN® Tracaire 6 ft. 3 point Aerator
● RYAN® brand is a proven leader
● Commercial-grade construction
● Used with Cat. 1, 3-pt hitch
● Productivity: up to 3 acres/hour
● 72" (6 ft.) working width
Ryan Renovaire Tow Behind Large Area Aerator RYAN® Renovaire 6 ft. Tow Type Aerator
● RYAN® brand is a proven leader
● Commercial-grade construction
● Tow-type with hydraulic lift for transport
● Tine wheels articulate in pairs for rolling terrain
● 72" (6 ft.) working width
Verti-Core® II  High Speed Large Area Aerator
● Aerating up to 4" deep
● Simple and flexible design
● High-speed core aerification
● 64" working width
● Fast aerator with fewer moving parts
● PTO powered for 3-pt hitch
● Tractor required: 45hp with min. lift capacity of 2,200 lbs.

Deep Tine Aeration   (back to top)

Verti-Drain® 7316 & 7416 Deep Tine Aerators
● aerating down to 12" (7316) or 14" (7416) depth
● 64" working width with variable spacing
● relieves turf compaction
● parallelogram design produces "heave" action in sub-surface
● adjustable tine angle
● PTO Powered for 3-pt hitch (1,815 lb. lift cap. required)

Other models available:
Model # Working width & depth
7316 64" (12" max. depth)
7416 63" (14" max. depth)
(shown above)

Accessories and Specialty Products   (back to top)

 Cushman Core Harvestor Cushman® Core Harvester
● Mounts to a Cushman Turf Truckster using remote hydraulics
● Cleans aerification plugs from an average green in 15 minutes
● Floating blades automatically adjust to undulating ground for quick core pickup on almost any terrain without damaging turf
Level Spike® Slicing Aerator
● Aerates by using deep-slicing knives down to 10" depth
● Uses coring tines or slicing knives
● 71" or 94" working width
● Weight transfer via hydraulic system or static weights


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Note: Descriptions and specifications may change without notice.

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