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Some of the Jacobsen Fairway Mowers Available at Krigger & Company 

Jacobsen SLF-1880

The SLF-1880™ super-lightweight fairway mower by Jacobsen® is the lightest fairway machine in the industry. The patented lift-arm mechanism allows its narrow reels to easily glide over undulating terrain leaving more attractive turf. Its extreme versatility also allows you to mow more areas with just one machine.

  • ● Industry’s lightest fairway mower has the lowest compaction of any fairway mower.  Operates in wet or stressed conditions without marking the turf.
  • ● 82" Width of Cut - Improved productivity over Triplex mowers.
  • 18" Jacobsen Classic Cut Reels - Deliver the highest quality of cut compared to any other; follow ground contours better without scalping.
  • ● Choice of 24.8 hp (18.6 kW) Diesel or 33 hp (24.6 kW) Turbocharged Diesel Engine - Options available for either fuel efficiency or more power.
  • ● Patented Lift Mechanism -Follows undulating terrain and delivers a superior cut.
SLF-1880 Data SheetClassic XP Reels with ARTTrueSet Data Sheet

LF550/557 & LF570/577

Jacobsen’s LF550/570 and LF557/577 lightweight large area reel mowers offer industry leading productivity and functionality through optimized controls, maximized performance and simplified maintenance.

  • ● 7-Reel models (LF557/LF577) increase productivity by up to 38% without sacrifice to quality-of-cut.
  • ● AdaptiThrottle™ Control automatically manages engine speed based on demand, thus reducing fuel consumption and noise.
  • ● InCommand™ Control System console delivers passcodeprotected, programmable max transport and mow speed settings to control cut frequency - removing tools and operator input from the equation.
  • ● Active monitoring and full-text diagnostics readout that identifies faults or open circuits. No flashing lights to decode or additional tools required.
  • ● Maintenance reminders automatically displayed on-screen at scheduled intervals to aid in proper service and increased up-time.
  • ● SureTrac™ 4WD system transfers power when needed from the front wheel to the opposite rear wheel providing superior traction on hills and side slopes.
  • ● Jacobsen Classic XP™ Reels provide the industry’s highest quality-ofcut and superior after-cut appearance.
LF550/557 & LF570/577 Data Sheet
MH5 Large Area Reel Mower

Jacobsen MH5

The Jacobsen MH5 tractor-mounted large area reel mower provides a unique, cost-effective alternative to traditional reel mowers. With the ability to mow, verticut or scalp down, the MH5 turns your tractor into a versatile and efficient turf maintenance tool. Achieve excellent ground contour following and productivity with fully floating cutting units and a 135 in. width-of-cut. Each reel is hydraulically driven with enough power and ruggedness to handle even the toughest conditions.

  • ● Simple design for easy operation and maintenance.
  • ● Individually hydraulically controlled reels allows operation of three, four or all five reels to maintain tight spaces or provide added power to each reel for especially tough jobs.
  • ● Maintain peak performance and lower oil temperature in even the hottest of climates with thermally actuated electric fan.
  • ● Reel drive operates in forward for mowing or reverse for easy backlapping.
MH5 Data Sheet



TruSet cutting unit by Jacobsen available from Krigger & Company 
  • True Set™ Cutting Units are now standard 
  • Faster to set - Technicians fine tune the TrueSet bedknife-to-reel adjustment with a gear that moves the bedknife one thousandth of an inch with an audible click.  This saves the technician precious time every time he adjusts a cutting unit.
  • Easier to adjust - The bedknife-to-reel adjustment is made from the top and front of the TrueSet cutting unit using a 1/2" wrench, the same tool used for height-of-cut adjustment.  This makes the new cutting unit much easier to reach and reduces the number of tools needed to make adjustments.
  • Industry leading holding power - The TrueSet cutting unit has over 425 lbs. of force holding the bedknife in place through the life of the cutting unit.  The industry leading holding power ensures superintendents and technicians they're getting a clean, consistent cut every time.
Jacobsen Turf Groomer Turf Groomer 1/2" spacing w/grooved roller
● Patented design including large, six-point cutting blades made from tempered spring steel for strength and durability
● Blades intersect with grooved aluminum roller resulting in a shorter roller base to more closely follow contours
● Including micro-depth adjustment dial and quick up/down adjustment lever to easily adapt to changing conditions throughout the season
Jacobsen Verticut Unit Vertical Mower Assembly
● .75" spacing
● Front and rear rollers
● 2-point Flash-Attach (extra yoke set required for quick change)
Jacobsen Rear Roller Cleaning Brush Rear Roller Cleaning Brush
● Powered spiral brush for rear roller to keep roller clean for consistent height of cut setting
● Brush tends to break up grass clippings after mowing for a cleaner finish
Note: Descriptions and specifications may change without notice.
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