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Turfco CR-10 Advantages

Hopper 4 cubic-yards (3.06 cubic meters), galvanized panels are replaceable and will not rust. Design is so the hopper is deeper in the front of the machine with the conveyor sloped uphill to exit the rear of the machine. This allows the Turfco to unload without transferring weight to the rear of the machine..Keeping weight always on the hitch. With the design of the hopper on the Toro They have a transfer of weight when unloading to the rear. This creates a lighter weight on the tongue of the Hitch and is why they use a weight kit on the tongue. Turfco’s panels are also sloped so material will not bridge.
Conveyor Belt: 32" (0.81 m) wide, pebble surface composition with
heavy duty polyester cord. One Seam. (A belt with one seam is much easier to replace when needed as the old belt is cut off, the new belt is fed in and a rod is replaced at the point of the seam. A seamless belt is very difficult to replace as you will need to disassemble the hopper to replace.
Metering Gate:

Full manual adjustment with the ability to fully open
entire rear hopper panel. Gate is also crescent shaped so you will be able to close gate if fully loaded with sand.

(Other Models have a straight gate that if the hopper is full cannot compress sand and close if a lighter application is desired.) If the operator loaded the hopper with sand and then checked metering gate for setting they may have to empty out the sand before setting the gate at a lighter setting.
Controls: Turfco CR-10 3-way switch control Flow Control mechanism for a Turfco CR-10 available from Krigger & Company

3-position switch independently operates belt and attachments. Adjustable flow control sets speed of attachments.
The Turfco CR-10 is:

● The only fairway top dresser and material handler with a three-year warranty.
● Unique frame design keeps tongue weight consistent with shifting loads and provides greater clearance for attachments. No need to lift rear of unit to transport around the property keeping center of gravity low for consistent stability.
● Self cleaning hopper keeps wide range of products flowing.
● Heavy duty Galvanized hopper minimizes rusting, eliminates paint flakes in topdressing
● Rear mounted cross conveyor with 180 degree swivel gives easy access to tight areas and allows operator to evenly spread around material without moving machine.
● Dual-beam suspension provides lower center of gravity for maximum stability.
● "Fast Attach" system requires no tools when connecting attachments.
● Large, 4-cubic-yard self-cleaning galvanized hopper can be unloaded in less than 30 seconds.
● The rear of the CR-10 raises up to 6 ft. for quick loading of top dressers, turf vehicles and spreaders.
● Low profile and light PSI let you easily move large volumes of material.

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