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Rollers and roller/spiker combinations for a variety of applications from Golf Course greens rolling to Sportsfield and Fairway large area rolling. Rolling produces many benefits including allowing you to reduce your frequency of mowing resulting in a reduction in the cost of labor and fuel and wear and tear on machinery.

Roller Attachments For Triplex Greens Mowers

Jacobsen Quick Roll Greens Roller (Set)


Rolling greens improves ball roll by smoothing and firming the turf. The Jacobsen Quick Roll™ attachment negates the need for a dedicated roller and gets the job done significantly faster than traditional walk or ride on rollers.

  • ● with 3 each 6" dia. by 24" long rollers
  • (available for Greens King IV, V, and VI, and G-Plex)

Riding Greens Rollers

Smithco XL70 Greens Roller (New)


The first 70" wide riding roller designed specifically for greens and other fine turf.

  • ● 70” rolling width, widest available
  • ● Productivity increases dramatically
  • ● 3-roller independent driving system
  • ● Direct drive and power steering
  • ● No chain maintenance
  • ● 16 hp Vanguard engine
  • ● 14 mph ground speed for rolling
  • ● Independent articulating roller heads for a wider and more stable ride
Smithco Tournament Ultra riding greens roller

Smithco Tournament Ultra Greens Roller



  • ● with 16hp B&S Vanguard electric start gas engine
Smithco Ultra Plus roller from Krigger & Company

Smithco Tournament Ultra Plus


All the features of the Ultra PLUS Power Steering.

  • ● Wide stance for driver safety.
  • ● Hydrostatic drive – no chains and sprockets – less maintenance.
  • ● Powerful 16 hp (12kW) Briggs and Stratton OHV gas engine.
  • ● Patented Speed Boss – Superintendent sets rolling speed.
  • ● Direct drive to two 8″ identical powder-coated rollers provide uniformity and climbing ability.
  • ● Easy maintenance access to engine, drive and steering.
  • ● The quietest gas-powered roller available.

Pull Behind Large Area Rollers

Krigger 3-Gang Water Ballast Rollers

Krigger Water Ballast 3-Gang Rollers


Developed to be the most cost effective "turf friendly" rollers on the market.

  • ● Made of 7-gauge steel plate, 36" wide rolled to 30" diameter with center baffle plate to reduce over-turning on steep grades
  • ● 3-gang roller covering a rolling width of 8' 4" and a variable weight from 1360 lbs. empty to 5000 lbs. filled (rollers can be towed in-line for tight area transport or heavy rolling)
  • ● Dished ends help to prevent turf damage on turns.
  • ● Rollers can be arranged in a triangular pattern to cover an 8'4" swath, or tow them in-line through narrow areas or for concentrated weight.
  • ● Now with greasable pillow block bearings for smoother towing. NEW FEATURE!
  • ● Each roller now includes 2 fill plugs - 2" dia for quicker fill and opposite 1" dia for quicker drain time. NEW FEATURE!
Fairway Ultra 10 Roller

Smithco Fairway Ultra 10


Reduces frequency of mowing, cost of labor, fuel, chemical costs and wear and tear on machinery.

  • ● 10-foot wide rolling capacity at 10 mph equals 12 acres/hour. Twice as fast as mowing.
  • ● Grass is healthier. Fairways are consistently smoother and firmer.
  • ● Three rollers follow the contours of fairway, delivering 1360 lbs. of rolling weight. Plus 100 gallons of water weight when you need it.
  • ● Clevis hitch makes attaching to most any utility vehicle fast and easy. Use vehicle remote hydraulics or optional electric/hydraulic pack.
  • ● Three hydraulically controlled heavy gauge steel rollers fold forward inside the wheels for narrow bridge paths in transport.

Smithco Fairway Ultra 15


Reduces frequency of mowing, cost of labor, fuel, chemical costs and wear and tear on machinery.

  • ● 15-foot wide rolling capacity at 10 mph equals 18 acres/hour. Twice as fast as mowing.
  • ● Balanced hydraulic system to keep ground pressure even over its 15’ swath.
  • ● Grass is healthier. Fairways are consistently smoother and firmer.
  • ● Five rollers follow the contours of fairway. Plus 150 gallons of water weight when you need it.
Note: Descriptions and specifications may change without notice.
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